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Forge Gate Condominiums

Forge Gate Drive

Cold Spring

New York
10516, Estados Unidos de América


-4 01-may-2010 3:27:52
Moved out of Forge Gate Condominiums after years of living at the Forge GAte Condominiums because new noisy, inconsiderate neighbors moving into building, waking up my new born baby at odd hours of the night and very early in the morning. Banging doors, running around, loud pacing in their apartment, running washing machines. Dropping heavy items that sounded like a bomb going off in the place.
Ocasión para resolución: Unresponsive management caused me to sell and move far away as I could.
✔peligro para la salud
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27-jul-2011 8:29:07

And I was just wondrneig about that too!"
-4 24-mar-2010 8:54:54
The Company that Manages the Forge Gate Condiminiums are not only unreliable, they are unwilling to help and are very rude and demonstrate that they are bias. The noise at Forge Gate is unbearable and when reported to the proper authorities, nothing is done. Forge Gate Condominiums not only house individuals that violate the law by either attempting to look into one's apartment, but they also house individuals that are hostile. Forge Gate Condominiums need to clean up their act, starting by gettijng rid of their management company.
Ocasión para resolución: Management was unresponsive.
✔Los defraudadores
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-4 23-mar-2010 11:43:37
Forge Gate Condominium Residents must learn that they are in an apartment building with other residents. From the evident noise others invade your home, tranquility, peace of mind. Just because some apartment are multi level because other wise they would be studios very small studio apartments doesn't mean they are in a home of their own, were they can make noise at odd hours of the day and or night. Specially when everything can be heard from apartment to apartment.. Grounds are sparce to say the least. Smokers near the trash and throwing their buds into the bins are very unsafe. Outsiders parking around the complex. Commute to the city is shorter and more frequent from elsewhere. Learn more about the place.Its Not just history, still happening. Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism by James W. Loewen check out the map
Ocasión para resolución: Management is very unresponsive to residents.
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