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California State Senator

Richard Pan (born October 28, 1965) is an American politician currently serving in the California State Senate. He is a Democrat representing the 6th district, encompassing parts of Sacramento and Yolo counties. Prior to serving in the state senate, he was a member of the California State Assembly. Pan was Chair of the California Assembly Committee on Health, and is a member on the Committee on Agriculture, Committee on Appropriations, and Committee on Revenue and Taxation.[2] Previously, Pan was Vice-Chair of the California Assembly Veteran's Affairs Committee and served on the committees on Aging and Long-Term Care, and Accountability and Administrative Review. He was also the Chair of the Select Committee on Healthcare Workforce and Access to Care.[3] He continues to practice at Wellspace Health's Oak Park Community Clinic, where he established the pediatric clinic while at UC Davis Children's Hospital.

Contribution into the problem of Forced Vaccination (California SB277 mandates vaccination): as a California State Senator
Voted on senate floor for the bill and made it pass
Contribution into the problem of Forced Vaccination (California SB792 mandates vaccination): as a California State Senator
Voted on senate floor for the bill and made it pass


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-4 23 апр. 2015 г., 4:51:39

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Senator Takes Orders From Lobbyist

Last week, more than 700 parents showed up to voice their opposition to the controversial SB277. When it was clear that the legislation didn't have the support needed to push through, one Committee Chair, who supports the bill, threw the bill's author a bone. At the close of the meeting, she advised Senator Pan to postpone the vote one week. Instead of listening to the deafening calls of California voters, Senator Pan turned to a lobbyist for advice on wether or not to postpone the vote.
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-4 12 апр. 2015 г., 0:49:04

Mandates risky medical procedure on children without consent

His ideas are not new. If some does not want to be happy, we should made happy by force. If the lousy manufacturer of defective vaccines MERCK cannot convince educated parents to sacrify their children and administer 50 questionable vaccines, then these children should be vaccinated by force. Robert Paxton, a professor emeritus at Columbia University, defines fascism in his book The Anatomy of Fascism as: A form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation or victimhood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion The Nuremberg Code is a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation set as a result of the Subsequent Nuremberg Trials at the end of the S... (подробнее)
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-4 9 апр. 2015 г., 21:49:46

Blatant liar. Don't trust any single word from him.

Опыт попытки решения на месте: Over the last few years we have gotten to know Dr. Richard Pan, California State Senator and Big Med operative (to the tune of $182,000 in campaign donations), as he has not only has worked to force everyone in his state into becoming customers of his donors and a corrupt vaccine program, but treated individual parents trying to earnestly advocate for their vaccine injured children like... well like crap. While in 2012, he claimed he wanted to pass his bill not to remove parental choice, but to merely make sure families are educated on vaccination, he now has thrown that out the window and has a new bill to remove choice all together. Not super consistent, is he.  "NO CHOICE FOR YOU!"  I guess we should have called, "no take backs." during the hearings in 2012.  Our fault I guess.   I would encourage you to challenge him on twitter about this change of heart, but if you do, you will be immediately blocked by him. He only wants to hear what he wants to hear, and if you don't like his stance, you are not allowed to see his tweets any more.  "NO TWEETS FOR YOU!"
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-4 18 мар. 2015 г., 19:36:01

Industry insider in the government

Who is Dr. Pan?He is an "industry insider" when it comes to the medical industry. He is a teaching faculty member at UC Davis Children's Hospital, and has served in many organizations that set medical policy and funding, such as the American Medical Association, the United Way, Sacramento First 5 Commission, Healthy Kids Healthy Future, Sacramento Health Improvement Project, and others. Dr. Pan was also a supporter of AB499 which allows minor children as young as 12 year old to be vaccinated with the Gardasil vaccine without the knowledge or consent of their parents.     Merck is the manufacturer of the Gardasil vaccine, and in 2011 John Seiler of Cal Watchdog cross-matched the votes for AB 499 in the Legislature with Merck Corporate PAC Contributions in 2010 and came up with this list (which included Dr. Pan, then an assemblyman): Senate: Kevin De Leon, D-Los Angeles, $2,000 Ed Hernandez, D-West Covina, $2,500 Elaine Alquist, D-San Jose, $1,000 Noreen Evans, D-Santa Rosa, $1,500 Juan Vargas, D-Chula Vista, $... (подробнее)
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