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Cut the military budget of the United States by 20% bringing it below 400 billion US$

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First, some history. The Pentagon’s budget has risen for 13 years, which is unprecedented. Between 2001 and 2009, overall spending on defense rose from $412 billion to $699 billion, a 70 percent increase, which is larger than in any comparable period since the Korean War. Including the supplementary spending on Iraq and Afghanistan, we spent $250 billion more than average U.S. defense expenditures during the Cold War — a time when the Soviet, Chinese and Eastern European militaries were arrayed against the United States and its allies. Over the past decade, when we had no serious national adversaries, U.S. defense spending has gone from about a third of total worldwide defense spending to 50 percent. In other words, we spend more on defense than the planet’s remaining countries put together. At the same time people in the USA, unlike other countries, have to pay in full for their healthcare and education. Why taxpayer's money should be spent to defend the interests of US corporations in other countries rather than to support US citizens at home? This money should be spent to fight poverty, improve healthcare and educate our children. Otherwise this country has no future.

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